Mens Liposuction Near Me

Mens Liposuction Near Me

Fort Worth’s Best Place For Mens Liposuction:

There are clinics situated across the Fort Worth area that make it possible to have mens liposuction near me treatment performed on numerous areas of the body- even the arms. It’s clear that there is no shortage of treatment facilities, but before you decide to book a procedure you may consider spending a bit of time researching the doctors and staff where you are planning on having treatment performed. Choosing a Medical Spa that is proficient and experienced in liposuction can make a big difference in the results you achieve with treatment. Consider Ethridge Clinic as a part of your research for mens liposuction.

Not all medical spas offer SmartLipo laser body contouring; Ethridge believes it’s the best technology available today and offers it at an affordable cost. As a minimally-invasive, laser-assisted lipolysis procedure, SmartLipo can be performed as an in-office treatment on the arms, back, hips, knees, enlarged male breasts, and sagging post-pregnancy abdomen, to target fat. Clients find that SmartLipo offers superior results, less downtime, and less pain than from traditional mens liposuction near me, making it one of the most sought after treatments of the day.

Ethridge Medical Spa is proud to offer SmartLipo for several reasons: first, their clients can experience the benefits of liposuction without having to undergo general anesthesia, since only a local is used to numb the area to be treated, and second, SmartLipo is inserted through a very small cannula to blast fat cells and destroy them; this laser is able to improve skin laxity, which liposuction alone cannot address. No other mens liposuction method is able to deliver these high standards of results.

SmartLipo at Ethridge Medical Spa can help you achieve your goals and feel more confident than ever when dressing out or just socializing with friends. Your research into SmartLipo will reveal that it’s the best option for mens liposuction and is one that will result in the least amount of downtime. There is no hospital stay required, and you should be back to work after two days.

Visit the Ethridge Medical Spa website and scroll to the bottom of the home page to find ‘SmartLipo’ in the blog library. There you’ll learn why Ethridge is one of Fort Worth’s most trusted mens liposuction providers- and what it can do to for you. Consider a consultation with Dr. Ethridge and his team to discuss your goals and let their expertise serve to create a treatment plan to help you achieve those goals. Call Ethridge at 817-921-5566 now to schedule a visit or simply fill out the connect form online to get started.

Liposuction is not just for women anymore! Today’s mens liposuction near me is one of the most popular procedures at clinics around the world, and is certainly one Ethridge Medical Spa is pleased to offer the Fort Worth community. Find out more about it on the website or call the staff now to have your questions answered.

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